The Villas of Distinction Experience

Located in the beautiful resort of Agios Nikitas, this modern stone built villa is situated on a small hill.

Easter in Lefkas

easterOn the evening of Holy Friday is the procession of the Epitaph.

In the central village "Chora" (every church has the epitaph of the holy Sepulchre) every church takes out the epitaph in the district and only the one of the central church concludes escort of the formal people and the Philharmonic Band, after crossing the market in the central square. On Holy Saturday, the atmosphere is festive early. The Philarmonic Band is getting out on the market playing marches and giving signal for housewives to "throw the piece" a fragile clay vessel, which in the fall will make a big bang to break the mourning of Holy Week or -in others- to kill Judas who betrayed Jesus.